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Our business model is quite different from any other company you're used to dealing with for your shipping materials. Our mantra is to be your solutions provider. Our business is all about our relationships. Anyone can sell a box...and many will tell you they can do it on the cheap. Given our experience, our vast network of suppliers & designers we are able to use our leverage to support your businesses needs. We over deliver on expectations.

We go to work for our clients.
We provide best in class solutions that save you money and that make sense for your business. After all...isn't that what it's all about?


  • What We Do?

    We learned a long time ago anyone can make or sell a box or packaging supplies. You don't want to jeopardize your packaging by using the cheapest box .. Read More

  • Who We Are?

    LeanPack has over 15 years of experience in all facets of consumer packaging and shipping material industries. From design, raw materials, manufacturi.. Read More

  • Why Choose Us?

    If you were to build or renovate a house would you not hire an experienced and reputable General Contractor instead of dealing with several specialist.. Read More

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