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Lance Davidson

Lance Davidson- President

Lance started LeanPack with what he thought was needed in the packaging world.  “Lean” was missing from the packaging industry.  It had been a popular buzz word in the automotive industry for quite some time but the packaging industry stayed in the dark ages when it came to “lean”.


Lance created LeanPack to help change how businesses ordered boxes.  He felt Canadian companies wanted custom boxes and did not want to be force fed large quantity same size production runs.  Similar to how the the automotive industry had changed its production methods.


In 2008 LeanPack was created to provide clients custom boxes and the ability to only order what they needed.  This helps our clients reduce damages, reduce freight costs, gain better use of its cash flow and save valuable inventory space in their facilities.  Oh and did we mention all of this helps reduce carbon footprints and saves the environment.  At LeanPack their is a much better way!


Aside from business Lance is happily married and loves his 3 children (Hailey, Olivia and Nolan).  Oh and let’s not forget Cooper his dog!  Lance is also a sports nut whose favourite teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Toronto Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and Raptors.  His favourite sport to play is golf.  It’s a love/hate sport depending on the round!  Well now you know a little more about LeanPack and a little more about its founder.  Hopefully we can soon learn a lot more about your company.