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At LeanPack Inc. you will be able to find a variety of Packing Solutions at your disposal. Find out our various options available below! Call us at 416.907.6765 or contact us today!

  • Corrugate Boxes
  • Folding Cartons/Boxboard
  • Co-Packing/ Fulfillment
  • Once-Used Boxes
  • Retail Displays



Void Filler Solutions

This type of packaging is very cost-effective and does an excellent job of stabilizing loads and protecting your products during freight shipments.  These fillers promote the proper distribution of the load which prevent damages caused by load movements.

LeanPack has various designs that fill space between pallets or between a pallet and the walls of your truck.  This product will make sure your clients receive your goods safely and undamaged.

Benefits of Void Fillers:

  • Reduces damages during freight
  • Cost- the most cost efficient solution in shipping heavy loads
  • Environment- made from recycled corrugated and can be recycled when your shipment is unloaded

Perfect for:

  • Beverage producers- beer, pop and juice for example
  • Heavy loads
  • Loads that have to travel far by truck
  • In between unbalanced loads


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