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At LeanPack Inc. you will be able to find a variety of Packaging Supplies at your disposal. Find out our various options available below! Call us at 416.907.6765 or contact us today!

  • Cores/Tubes
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Edge(Angle) board
  • Single Face Rolls
  • Newsprint
  • Corrugated Sheets
  • PE Foam



Kraft Rolls and Sheets

Kraft rolls are a low cost, all-purpose packaging material used to wrap your products to prevent scratches.

Made of either 100% recycled brown paper or 100% recycled sheets.

Kraft rolls can be used as void fill for shipping or can be used to cover the exterior of products to protect them against damage.

Kraft Rolls

They are an affordable option for packaging void fill.   They come in a variety of custom sizes and weight to fit your packaging needs and can be dispensed on standard roll cutters. Kraft Rolls can provide the protection your products need throughout the shipping process for a fraction of the cost.   Typically come in widths from 12" to 48" and in weights from 30 to 50lbs.  Feet per roll varies from typically 720 to 1,200'.


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