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We carry many styles of gaylords in varying sizes and strengths.  Gaylords are stacked and organized to be sold in truckload quantities.
  • Thickness- 3, 4, 5, 6 and even 8 wall
  • Styles- HSC, RSC and even sleeve and tray
  • Pricing- always based on supply and demand
  • Supply- to all provinces in Canada and the USA

Used Gaylord Boxes:

When it comes time to start packaging in bulk, Gaylord Boxes are what you need to make the experience effective, affordable and enjoyable. Whether you are organizing your inventory or putting scrap waste into storage, used gaylord boxes  are very useful. At LeanPack we have the biggest selection which makes a huge difference.  You can maximize your loads to reduce your freight costs.

The enjoyable experience with LeanPack starts right from the beginning.  All gaylord box shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses can easily be loaded and unloaded, and are stacked and organized to be sold in truckload quantities. By the way, we also don’t just sell used gaylord boxes. We sell new gaylords and other packaging supplies depending on your application.  We can also provide gaylord poly liner bags and wood or corrugated pallets for your gaylords.

Packing can be a daunting task without the proper boxes, which is why quality is key. The wear and tear on just any old box can present many challenges. When you don’t know where your boxes are coming from, you don’t know what kind of quality you are going to get. Stick with LeanPack and know that with each box, you will be getting material that can withstand whatever plans you have. Our boxes are used for durability, strength and convenience.

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Variety of Sizes Available

Our stock of Used Gaylord Boxes can be found in a variety of sizes. This includes double-wall to up to eight-wall thickness with rectangular and octagonal shapes.

Used Gaylords to Sell?

Do you want to make money for your excess gaylord boxes?  We will BUY them.  Call or email us today!

The Right Gaylord Box

We know your items are important to you and we want to make sure they reach their destination the same way you packed them. We carry used gaylords that have been used-once and are in immaculate shape.  We also supply used gaylords that have been used many times that still perform but offer a further cost-savings.  Tell us your application, ship to location and we can provide the right used gaylord for your company.

To some, a box may be a box, but here at LeanPack, we know the difference. The type of material used and craftsmanship of each box can significantly impact your experience, your product and your productivity. Stop fumbling with boxes that keep falling apart and stop putting your products at risk of damage causing significant profit losses. Take advantage of a business solution that meets and delivers to your expectations with LeanPack.

We are NOT just a company that provides boxes. We provide the solutions you need.


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